The beginning

I graduated as a hair stylist in 1992 from a Wella School. My specialization was centered on hair coloring and treatment. Following that I opened my own shop in Broumana – Lebanon and worked there rigorously for 8 years until the opportunity of working in a prestigious salon located in the five stars Hotel and Resort Grand Hills Village, knocked my door.

My public relations grew very fast because of all the famous worldwide people I met there. Usually, elites and high society people have higher demand on luxurious, natural and fine products, this is why I decided to create my own brand, Georgio Bandera, in 2003. I was sponsored by Professional Cosmetics, one of the most renowned companies in Barcelona. I started selling their products and produce my own simultaneously.

Moving forward

In 2004, my products became accessible to people in the Middle East. Following their success, we expanded the company and our products to Sweden in 2009.

At Georgio Bandera, we never stop researching new treatments and products. When a new beneficial and highly effective combination is discovered and experienced by our team, production takes place.

Subsequent to the highly effective treatments and hundreds of recommendations from our clients in 2020, we decided to start selling our unique products online in order to reach as many countries as possible.

We are proud of our harvests and we would like to share it with the entire world. We want people to try our products to see and feel the difference in the quality, volume and health of their hair.

Our module

With the internet invasion and in commerce in general it is difficult to find and choose the right product without having to check the ingredients one by one. Georgio Bandera have decided to take a straight, severe and uncompromising path, to guarantee all our customers a safe purchase. In fact, we want to give the possibility to those who choose to orient themselves in eco-friendly cosmetics to buy even with their eyes closed, without discovering only after buying a product, that they have chosen something that has only the name natural. We have decided to be very strict and not “break the rules” this is why each product is meticulously checked.

We have chosen the most restrictive way when it comes to creating and mixing our products. We have chosen to follow our ideologies and not end up being a semi-eco-friendly cosmetics site. It is in fact important to be careful: nowadays, lots of hair care and cosmetic products are advertised as natural or organic additives, although they are not at all, or contain only some extracts, but mixed with cocktails that are anything but natural.

Here at Georgio Bandera we are convinced that, through natural cosmetics, we do not only benefit our body, but also the environment around us.